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The Mix

Our fruit & fibre mixes are made with the freshest tropical fruit and by adding an innovative natural fibre we can extend it’s shelf-life with about 2 years, without losing it’s delicious fresh taste! That’s why we call it “the new generation of long lasting fresh.”

Meet the new generation of long lasting fresh.

One of our farmers proudly presents his excellent ripe mango.

Fresh At Hand

When making a smoothie with fresh fruit you always have leftovers, that you forget in your fridge, and throw away a couple of days later. Those days are over.

With the Daily Fruit & Fibre Mix you have:

   The exact right proportions
   A healthy mix of fruit & fibre
   A delicious taste
   An easy to make smoothie
   A shelf-life of at least 2 years

All at your fingertips. Plus you’ll never have to throw anything away ever again. Say goodbye to food waste and hello to a healthy & delicious smoothie every day.

Good For You

The fruit that we use in our mixes isn’t just delicious, but also contains vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy. Our FiberedFresh® technology dries the fruit & fibre mix at a low temperature so we keep almost all these vitamins and minerals.

   Vitamin A: Helps your natural resistance
   Vitamin B6: Helps your energy levels
   Vitamin B11: Helps your nervous system
   Vitamin C: Helps your natural resistance
   Potassium: Helps maintain a natural blood pressure
   Magnesium: Helps your energy metabolism
   Prebiotic Fibre: Powerboosts your digestion

   Note: Due to the prebiotic fibre powerboost the shots are not suitable for children under the age of 3.

Perfect addition to any breakfast.

Super Tasty

The fruit you buy in the supermarket has probably been picked before being completely ripe and finishes it’s ripening process when being transported to the store. Unfortunately this doesn’t increase the taste or nutrients.

Because our farmers in Kenya pick the fruit at peak ripeness they contain almost all vitamins and nutritional properties. Yummy!


Your Daily Fruit & Fibre Mix
In 2 super tasty flavours