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Our Journey

Creating tasty & healthy products with positive impact doesn’t come easy and many obstacles had to be overcome.

Here we want to share with you our journey and the things we have learned along the way.

HAS Food Experience 2020

Do you want to imagine yourself into the tropics this winter? Come and get a taste on the 3rd and 4th of February 2020 during the HAS Food Experience, where
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Production Day

Hi Tutti! The 27th of October 2019 the day had finally come, the day we produced our new batch of the Daily Fruit & Fibre Mixes in Thika, Kenya. To
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Import(ant) Learnings

When sipping your delicious Mango smoothie, did you ever wonder what it took to get into your glass?
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A Brief History

The first TuttiFoodi spark was ignited in 2016 when Gijs discovered, what is now called, FiberedFresh®. But then he had a stroke of bad luck. Or did he?
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What does fibre do?

The Daily Fruit & Fibre Mixes are made of fruit and a prebiotic fibre, but do you know what fibre does for your body?
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Your Daily Fruit & Fibre Mix
In 2 super tasty flavours