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Making the perfect smoothie has never been easier. With the Daily Fruit & Fibre Mix you essentially only need blend it with dairy or water, but you can use so much more. Don’t know where to start? No problem, we have prepared a couple of variations for you.

How-to prepare the perfect smoothie.

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Check out this video to see how-to-make a smoothie with a blender.

Blend or shake?

You don’t need to own a blender to make a smoothie with the Daily Fruit & Fibre Mix. You can also use a reusable bottle (like a Dopper®) or shaker.

By blending the mix in a blender you’ll add a bit of air to the product and increase the volume, making it thicker.

By shaking it in a bottle or other shaker the product will turn out more juice like. Neither one is better. Just different. It’s up to your personal preference. 


For the best results we recommend:

  • A blender
  • 55g Daily Fruit & Fibre Mix
  • 55ml yoghurt
  • 65ml Water

Step 1
Put the yoghurt & water in the blender.

Step 2
Add 55g of the Daily Fruit & Fibre Mix to the water.

Step 3

Blend for 2-3 minutes until smooth.


Next to smoothies there’s a lot of other things you can use the mixes with. Use #ideasfortutti on social media for inspiration, or share your own!


Too thick or too watery?
Some people like their smoothie a little thicker, others don’t. Did you think your smoothie was too watery? Try adding another scoop next time.
Did you think your smoothie was too thick, try a scoop less. You can play with this ratio until you create the perfect smoothie for your taste!

Did you know you can also add it to your cereal? Just add a couple of scoops of the Daily Fruit & Fibre Mix into your cereal for an additional fruit & fibre boost!

The Daily Fruit & Fibre Mix is also very suitable for making cocktails!
Blend 55ml of water with, 40ml white rum, 30g ice cubes and 4 scoops of the Caribbean Breeze mix to create a very tasty Piña Colada.
For a yummy twist on the frozen daiquiri blend 30ml of water with 40ml of Malibu Pineapple or Malibu Passion Fruit, 55g of ice cubes and 3 scoops of the Tropical Summer mix.

What have you created?
Share your creations with us on instagram with #ideasfortutti or follow us @goodfortutti.


Your Daily Fruit & Fibre Mix
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