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Your healthy smoothie
just a scoop away.

Daily Fruit & Fibre Mix

Daily Fruit & Fibre Mix

Fresh At Hand

Good For You

Super Tasty

Our patented FiberedFresh® technology gives you the freshest taste and is 100% natural.

The Mix

The new generation of long lasting fresh.

The Daily Fruit & Fibre Mix is made of only fresh fruit & fibre and comes in two delicious flavours. Add it to dairy or water to make your own tasty and healthy smoothies in an instant.


Making the perfect smoothie has never been easier. In just a couple of steps you can make a healthy fruit smoothie just the way you like it. Completely to your own personal taste.

On the farm in Kenya.


Our mixes aren’t just fresh, healthy and delicious, but also have a positive impact. We support local farmers in Kenya, contribute to reducing food waste and our packaging is completely plastic-free. Want to know how?


Your Daily Fruit & Fibre Mix
In 2 super tasty flavours